The natural solution for a permanently well maintained roof

Weather and air pollution are responsible for letting mosses and lichens grow on roof tiles over the years. Fine roots cause the formation of cracks in the bricks. Therfore this creeping process shortens the lifetime of the roof. MOOSfree® eliminates the causing effects beginning from the ridge. The appearance of your house will not be affected.


The heart of the self-adhesive high-tech tape is a multilayer knitted fabric made of copper strands with an enormous large active surface and a nonwoven with high water retention. Copper ions caused by moisture prevent the growth of mosses, lichens, algae and fungi. MOOSfree® protects your entire roof with every rainfall - up to 50 years. Mossy surfaces will be cleaned gradually with the help of MOOSfree®, new roofs are protected from the outset.


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