the flexible ridge and crest rolls made of stainless steel


INOFLEXX® the flexible ridge and crest rolls consist of closely meshed knitted stainless steel fabric in the middle section. In this way ventilation cross sections are maximized. The ventilation of the roof structure is permanently opposed to no relevant flow cross section.


Through the use of extremely weather resistant coated aluminum side strips aging problems are excluded. In addition to the pleated aluminum stripes in the colors roof-anthracite and -red we also offer side strips made of copper.


The four butyl strips on the bottom ensure a permanent bond to the roof tiles. Deposits are detained by the part of the aluminium foil which is bent up and not bonded to the roof tiles. In addition, an extra ventilation is provided by the Venturi effect.


Processing is carried out as usual from the roll by rolling on the ridge batten.


The construction of birds' nests under the ridge tiles, like it occurs again and again due to aging of plastic components of other ridge and crest rolls, is prevented by using the INOFLEXX® ridge and crest rolls in the long term.


Technical Data of INOFLEXX®
ventilation areastainless steel wire DIN 1.4301, diameter 0,2 mm, free ventilation area >98%
side stripscolor-coated aluminum foil, weather-resistance of the coating better
DIN ISO 11341
pleatingapprox. 15 %
standard coloursroof-red and roof-anthrazit, copper and other colours on demand
temperature range-40 °C bis +90 °C
standard widths300 mm und 350 mm, other widths on demand
packagingcarton 4 x 5 m rolls, 18 cartons per pallet

CoTexx ISO 9001-2015 zertifiziert
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